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Wealthy affiliate Hosting-slow And Time to Switch?

I joined Wealthy Affiliate and used Wealthy Affiliate hosting for my website. I remain impressed with their training and especially their technical support.  But my edits in WordPress were taking several minutes. Sometimes they didn’t complete at all. Sometimes  My website site speed was horrible. This was stressful and made it difficult for me to learn WordPress. Later I would find out the root cause is that the Wealthy Affiliate hosting is slow.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting-Examination and Diagnosis

One night I stayed up until 2 AM trying different themes and format to see if I could get the edits to process more quickly.   Nothing I tried help.  I contacted Wealth Affiliate technical support, and they were very responsive but were unable to improve the speed.

Next, I browsed some of the posts of the Wealthy Affiliate website.  I  noticed that other customers were also having issues with Wealthy Affiliate hosting speed.  I decided I should try a new hosting provider.

Finding a New Website Hosting Provider-SiteGround

I googled for reviews of website hosting providers, and SiteGround is on top for the speed of their hosting and their excellent technical support.   I took a look at the SiteGround site, and my gut told me it was a good company, and I should give them a try.

Transferring My Website Hosting 

I transferred the hosting of my website from Wealthy Affiliate to SiteGround using the WordPress plugin they recommended.  All went well except that I forgot to change the nameservers for my domain to SiteGround.  Once I did that I was up and running.  And the speed improvement was so dramatic with WordPress edits and actual live page loading that I felt both happy and frustrated,  Elated that I have found the cause of the problem, and frustrated that I had wasted so much time with Wealthy Affiliate hosting.

SiteGround Turns Out To Be A Great Choice

The SiteGround speed is consistently fast, and unlike WA, they give you access to the C Panel and provide automatic daily backups. They also give you several free webmaster tools-for example to compress the size of your pictures.  The one question I had for their tech support department was answered quickly and professionally.

Being Fair to Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

In fairness to Wealthy Affiliate, I do feel that their training is proper, and their tech support is excellent.  I sent a message to Carson at Wealthy Affiliate, and I told him about my problems with the hosting speed.   He said WA has two faster options available-one is a production server, and another is a beta server with the latest version of PHP.

The obvious question is why didn’t WA offer these options before I complained? It does not make business sense to me.  I did not bring my website hosting back to WA because they had their chance and they blew it!

Why I Posted This

If you are reading this post, you will note this website is about products and services for tall men, not about website hosting.

I just felt compelled to share this information so that I might save other website owners hours.

I have shamelessly provided an affiliate link below if you want to check out their website.  If you want any further information on my comparison of Wealthy Affiliate to SiteGround, please feel free to Email me!

All the best

Tall Dude

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