Beer & sweatpants

We are going to review the challenges of finding big and tall sweatpants that you will cherish like a cold beer on a hot summer night.

So yeah, we jog and workout in sweatpants. But why not wear them all day? So much more comfortable than jeans!

And quicker to put on and take off!  Easy is good.

So how you find the sweatpants that are perfect for you? There are many things to consider, so Let’s pull them on!

Fabric Content- Comfort vs the Hot Dryer (Oh Crap)

All cotton or fleece sweatpants are soft and comfortable, but will often shrink after being in the dryer. Then when you put them on, you wonder if your last Testosterone shot made you grow three inches Or maybe you are Danish?

Sometimes the inside of fleece pants sheds like a dog, but unlike a dog, you don’t feel the love when you find fuzzballs all over the place.

A cotton poly blend, or 100% poly, will not shrink much and will not sag on your butt and legs like all cotton sweat pants. A blend or all polyester makes you look just that much more sexy and in shape. Visualize great things. 

Getting a Good Fit-Juggling all the Balls

You have balls….in the air of course…so you need to be sure they are comfortable, along with your waist, butt thighs and ankles. Sounds like mission impossible, right? Should we set up a meeting to discuss this problem? Well nope, I don’t like meetings, so Let’s figure this out right now

Here are the factors to consider for a good fit:

Lets start from the top.

  •  The waist bands should have both elastic and a string. If your waistband only has one of these, there is going to be an unexpected “full moon”. Lets not upset the astrological calender.The string ties from the inside or the outside. Most of my sweatpants have tied from the inside, but recently I have discovered I prefer an outside tie. Quicker , easier, and sort of macho to have the string hanging outside.
  • Next we have the butt. If you have a large butt, you may need to order a larger waist size to get the room you need. Or you will need to find big and tall sweatpants that show the love to someone with a big butt.
  • The thigh…hmm….nothing worse than sweatpants that are too tight in the thighs.  So how do we know?  Fly to Vegas? Order 10 different pairs?
  • The length or inseam.   Now this is really variable.  I have seen big and tall sweatpants vary by 3″ when I order my regular size.  So if they are too long, should I expect them to shrink the dyer?

Open vs Closed Leg Cuffs-Free Willie vs Pillsbury Dough Boy

Many sweat pants have elastic on the bottom of the leg cuffs.  

Conclusion: Lets walk the dog and write more later

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