Questions Tall Guys get

How Tall Are You?

I am walking in a group of strangers. They are sizing me up. Their mouth begins to move and I know what is coming…“how tall are you?” Or sometimes “how is the air up there?” Or “do you play basketball?”

First I must decide how to respond to the stranger. If I am not interested or able to talk to them, I might give them a quick “pretty tall” and just keep on walking. If I have the time and the interest, I will stop and say “6’8″ , and how about you?” They will usual response is “wow you are really tall… gosh I am only 5’4 and I feel so short next to you.” Then I might explain how difficult it is to find cars that fit , and the lack of legroom for on airlines, etc.

Oh yeah, I am tall

My next reaction is some self awareness…. oh that’s right, I am that tall:) I have always been taller than other people so my view of the world seems normal. I don’t walk around all day thinking I am really tall.

When I see another man my height, I look at him and I think wow I look like that dude? That’s not how I perceive myself! Maybe I have not come to grips with my own height?

you really want to be my height?

As pointed out in this excellent article, being tall has it’s pros and cons. Notice how many ackward situations a tall man faces. Clothes, cars, furniture, showers, and airline travel are challenging.

Business and Personal Relationships

Relationships and communicating with shorter people can be difficult. Imagine being at a stand up cocktail reception where you key business contact is 5’4″. You scan the room for some chairs but there are none. Can you say uncomfortable? I have been there and did that too many times.

Perhaps most tall men prefer business or personal socializing sitting down rather than standing. But in a social situation it takes time to get people to sit down. Dating women is less of an issue because most women are comfortable standing next to a tall man.

Standing in Lines

For some reason, people of average height will tend to feel comfortable stepping in front of a tall person who it waiting in line. Why? I can only speculate that perhaps they feel small and not visible.

Be self Aware

As you journey through life, you may wish you could just blend in and pretend you are not tall. Denial or acceptance. Its up, way up, to you!

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