Tall MeN… Comfortable Cars, Small Problems, Jumbo Shrimp…

Long Torsos Means No Headroom for Tall MEN And Tall Women.

So Tall Dude googled ” best cars for tall men” and ” best autos for tall men” After straightening my neck…I found a few things worth sharing:

US News and World Report publishes a fairly decent report.

And then there is this report by Autobytel. It sucks so Tall Dude didn’t give you the link.

Consumer Reports gives it shot. Tall Dude read it, had a beer, read it again, and didn’t know what to think.

Headroom and Leg Drop

Its all about head room and having your legs drop from the seat at a right angle. If you adjust the seat to it’s lowest position so that you have adequate head room, you might feel like you are doing a leg lift. You lower back will hurt!


So what you want is this this-your head does not touch the ceiling of the car, your eyes have good visibility through the windshield so that you can see traffic lights

Leg Distance , Leg Drop, and Leg Support

Imagine you are sitting on the floor or lifting your legs up off the ground. In a short time, your back is going to hurt. So you might lower the seat to achieve adequate headroom and visibility, only to feel like you are almost sitting on the floor and lifting your legs. You need the seat to support your legs, and your legs need to drop at a right angle, Otherwise you are doing a leg lift in your car.

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