Meet the Tall Dude

I am 6’8″ tall. Throughout my life I have searched for clothes that fit, furniture that is comfortable, and cars and airline seats that I fit into. I have learned and studied the social and psychological challenges we face in our business and personal lives.

Being Tall is Challenging

Buying clothes and furniture for a tall man is challenging. There is more variation in sizing, both in our bodies and the clothes and furniture make for tall men. Reviews often don’t contain answer the questions that are important to us. Fit, appearance, quality, etc.

Finding the Fit-Clothes, Furniture, Cars, Airline Seats

TallReview gives you the detailed comparative reviews you really want. Clothing, furniture, cars, airline seats and more, The best products and services the Tall Dude editor’s choice recommendation.

My Friends and Business Contacts are Short

Living tall l requires more than just things that fit…it requires us to understand what it means to be tall. What happens when our friends and business associates are half our size. How do we feel? How do they feel? How do we fit in social and business settings? What are some strategies we can use to feel more comfortable?

Tall Men Have Unique Health Issues

Having a tall body increase our risks for several health issues. We are at higher risk for a blood clost in our legs. As we age, we have a much higher risk of developing heart arrhythmia. Posture related issues can make our back and joints hurt. We may not live as long as the average person. I will discuss these topics and provide you with information and suggestions from health experts.

Lets Share

If there is something I can help you with, please let me know. If you have something you would like to share, please do so!

All the best,

The Tall Dude

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